Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mom Perks from Influenster

Having earned another chance to sample some great products-> this mom was excited!
I received these products complimentary from Influenster and would love for you to join such a fun team of people just like you! Review what you want, when you want and get products that relate to your life. Sound fun? I've got an invitation waiting for you! Just message me your email and it's yours!

What was in this box?

This was a treat. I don't really buy all that expensive age defying beauty regime. The compact itself is really cool because the cover is the mirror (never mind it reduces wrinkles-right?)! Honestly, I would have preferred some type of overnight cream to try, but like I said-this was a treat and it came in handy on those tough mornings where I needed more cover-up and I didn't take care of my eye make-up the night before. By using this I'm preventing those crows feet from creeping around my eyes! Worth it!

I don't go anywhere without tissues in my purse(s)! These came in handy at the movie theater.

3. Ivory Soap - $0.40
Who doesn't love soap?! This bar has multiple uses and how much fun! Check out some other fun ideas on Pinterest

4. Neo To Go - $4.97
I'm a big fan of this stuff! I've always kept it in my travel first aid kits. I can't count the times we've had a scraped knee/arm and I've been glad to have had my Neo To Go when my son refused a band-aid. 

5. Shell Rewards Card - FREE!
    I will definitely be glad to have my card and start earning rewards.  

I want more! This stuff is ah-mazing. My husband and I tried this one night after little man was asleep and I'm sorry, but the phrase- "better than sex" you know what - this stuff is that good. Especially after one of those days...

 All in all- this was one of my favorite boxes. Thank you Influenster and all the amazing brands that let us try and give you feedback! 

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